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Cozy Mark IV : Chapter 21

Wing Strakes & Fuel Tanks

In this chapter you will jig and build the fuel tanks and storage areas out of glass and H45 rigid PVC foam, install fuel sumps (to provide fuel in unusual attitudes, including sideslips, nose-down parking, and steep descents), plumb fuel lines forward to the selector valve and aft to the pumps and gascolator, and plumb vent lines.

Pictures and commentary will go here as the work progresses.  See also time and expenses related to this chapter.

Step 1: Fabrication of Parts  
Step 2: Jigging and Assembly of Parts  
Step 3: Inside Layups  
Step 4: Vent, Screen and Drain  
Step 5: Top Skin Cores  
Step 6: End Rib and Outlet Piping  
Step 7: Bottom Outside Skin and Sump  
Step 8: Top Skin  
Step 9: Pressure Check  
Step 10: Leading Edge and Outboard Fairing Blocks  
Step 11: Fuel Valve, Electric Pump, and Gascolator  


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