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d'Armond Speers, Ph.D.

This is my personal homepage.


What's New

  • August 20, 2003
    We have decided that renting planes to fly is too expensive, buying a plane outright (even a decrepit used one) is too expensive, and so the best plan is to build our own.   Check out the progress reports on my Cozy pages.
  • July 19, 2003
    Earned my private pilot's license!
  • July 14, 2003
    I have started my own consulting company, Taxonomy Inc. 
  • Tuesday, December 31, 2002
    As of Friday, January 3, 2003, I am no longer at Requisite Technology.   Currently unemployed, looking for work.  It's the worst unemployment rate since 1991 (thanks, W.), hell of a time to be looking for a job.
  • Monday, April 29, 2002
    Updated the site to reflect the successful completion of my Ph.D.
  • Sunday, February 10, 2002
    Complete website re-design

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