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Klingon - Word of the Day

The Klingon Word of the Day (KWOTD) is an announcement list that sends out a new Klingon word every day to all list members. The message contains the word, its part of speech, and definition. If there are any additional notes on the word's usage, these will be included. In addition, if there are any known examples of this word being used in canon by Marc Okrand, a sample will be included.


How to receive the Klingon Word of the Day

There are a couple of different ways to get the Klingon Word of the Day. You can subscribe to the Klingon Language Institute's mailing list, tlhIngan-Hol. This is a discussion list sponsored by the KLI where all sorts of discussions take place. The KWOTD gets posted to this list on a daily basis, which usually sparks some discussions about the usage of the word, notes on usage I forgot to include, or canon usage that was unknown to me. If you're interested in really getting to know your daily word, this is a great place to do it. See the mailing list's FAQ for information on how to subscribe.

I've also set up an announcement list via Yahoo! An "announcement" list is one that lets the moderator post, but no one else. This means that if you sign up for the list via Yahoo!, you'll get the KWOTD every day, but no discussions about it. If you're just interested in getting the words, but don't want to get everything else that comes with the tlhIngan-Hol mailing list, you should sign up for the KWOTD via ONElist.

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If you use a PalmPilot or a Windows CE device and subscribe to AvantGo, you can have the Klingon Mobile Word of the Day uploaded to your device every day.  AvantGo is free, and is really easy to set up.  To add the Klingon Mobile Word of the Day to your channels, simply click the below.

Add Klingon Mobile Word of the Day Channel Add Klingon Mobile Word of the Day Channel (Estimated channel size: 1K)

I've missed some words.  Can I get a list of all the ones sent so far?

Sure.  There's an archive maintained by Yahoo!.

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