Prithu Dan Speers

Yoga & Thai Yoga Bodywork in Morristown, NJ
    Welcome friends to the home of my yoga world. On these pages you will learn more about me, the style of yoga that I do, and hopefully along the way you may even learn something about yourself.

    Yoga is many things to many people. Its facets are as distintive as they are diverse. For some it can simply be a good workout, for others it encompases the many aspects of a path to self realization. For me, it is all of these things.

    As a teacher, my role is to be your guide on whatever path you desire to follow. In everything we do as teacher and student, your whole being receives my deepest respect. In any class or private session, I am here for you. This is your yoga, your path, your private journey that I only briefly share.

    I look forward to seeing you and helping you to obtain whatever it is you seek in your own journey.


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Thai Yoga Bodywork Private Sessions Only
In Thailand this practice is known as Ancient Massage. In this practice all the work is done for you, with deep compression and therapeutic range of motion exercises that will leave you feeling relaxed, renewed and refreshed. More on Thai Yoga..