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Cozy Mark IV : Chapter 08

Headrest, Heat Duct, Seat Belts & Step

In this chapter you will construct the shoulder support, headrests, and aft heat duct, installing hard points for installation of seat belts and shoulder straps.

Pictures and commentary will go here as the work progresses.  See also time and expenses related to this chapter.

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Step 1. Carving the Foam Pieces  

Traced out the headrest pieces on PVC.


Headrest pieces glassed and drying.


In the meantime I started on the support pieces.  I used my band saw set at 45-deg to cut these bevels, and they came out really great, much better than any other bevel's I've cut.  So this is my new favorite beveller.  Now watch, there won't be any more to cut.  ;)


Trial assembly of the support piece. 


5ME'ing the headrests together.  I cut the pieces out on the band saw.


The completed headrests.

Step 2. Glassing the Inside Surface for Wet Layup  

Glassed the inside of the shoulder support, let it dry a bit, and then installed it on the seatback.  The overlap is drying and peel ply'd here.

Step 3. Glassing the outside of the shoulder support  

Glassed the outside of the support.  You can see the 12 plies BID reinforcements over the four birch inserts.

Step 4. Glassing & Installing the Headrests  
Step 5. Installing Shoulder Harness Attachments  

These are the nutplates I made, with 1/16" aluminum and the anchor nuts & rivets.  They don't get installed until later though.

Step 6. Installing the Outside Seat Belt Attachments & External Step  
Step 7. Center Seat Belt Attach  
7/3/05 Reinforcing layups

This is the reinforcing layup over the rear duct.

7/3/05 Reinforcing layups

And over the front duct.

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