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Cozy Mark IV : Chapter 18

Canopy & Turtleback

In this chapter you will build a form for the turtleback, build the turtleback and bulkheads, install windows in the turtleback, fit the canopy, build the canopy frame and fuselage top forward to bulkhead F28, and install the hinges, latches, locks and cockpit vents.

Pictures and commentary will go here as the work progresses.  See also time and expenses related to this chapter.

Step 1.Building the Turtleback Form  
Step 2: Construction of Turtleback and Inside Layup  
Step 3.Turtleback Bulkhead and Rib  
Step 4.Contouring and Glassing the outside of the Turtleback  
Step 5.Installing Windows  
Step 6.Installing Hinges on the Longerons  

Installed the canopy hinges.

Step 7. Installing the upper half of the Firewall  
Step 8. Installing the Turtleback  
Step 9: Engine mount reinforcements  
Step 10: Installing the Canopy  
Step 11: Building the Canopy Frame  
Step 12: Carving the Inside Foam  
Step 13: Laying up Canopy Hardware Reinforcements and the Inside Skin  
Step 14: Provision for Removable Fuselage Top  
Step 15: Installing Canopy Hinges, Cutting out Frame, and Installing Drip Rail  
Step 16: Installing the Fuselage Top  
Step 17: Canopy Lip & Instrument Cover  
Step 18: Installing Access Door  
Step 19: Installing the Canopy Latches  
Step 20: Safety Catch  
Step 21: Canopy Handle  
Step 22: Canopy Stop  
Step 23: Cockpit Ventilation  


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