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Cozy Mark IV : Time and Expenses

Chapter 18: Canopy & turtleback

In this chapter you will build a form for the turtleback, build the turtleback and bulkheads, install windows in the turtleback, fit the canopy, build the canopy frame and fuselage top forward to bulkhead F28, and install the hinges, latches, locks and cockpit vents.


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Chapter 18

# Item Date Cost Time (hrs) Comment
1. Canopy Hinge 2/13/05   .5 Cut out the 10" canopy hinges and floxed in place on the upper longeron (after carefully checking their alignment.  (I'm actually in chapter 8 right now, you do this part before installing the shoulder support for headrests.)
2. Canopy Hinge 2/19/05 9.08 .5 Got the needed hardware from AS&S (various nuts, washers & bolts) to finish the install of the hinges.  Drilled the necessary holes through the hinges & longerons, installed the bolts, washers & nuts (plus I used a bit of blue thread locker).

Chapter total: Time 1, Cost $9.08


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