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Cozy Mark IV : Time and Expenses

This page will detail the time and money spent building my airplane; this is basically my builder's log.

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Chapter 6

# Desc Date Cost Time (hours) Details
1. Preparing for assembly 6/11/04   2.25 Fit F22, IP, front seat and temp FW to the sides.  Cut holes in temp FW for longerons and LWY.  Drew lines on sides for bulkheads, drilled holes for nails to hold 'em in place while it all dries.  All the parts are now ready for assembly.
2. Build frame for assembly, flox bulkheads to fuselage sides. 6/17/04 54.89 5 Built the frame, attached temp FW to the frame, trial fitting, and finally floxing the front seatback, IP and F22 to the fuselage sides.   The expense here was for the lumber (also for saw horses), and a 12" long 1/4" drill bit.
3. Cutting glass cloth 6/18/04   1 Cut out all the BID to tape the fuselage sides and F22 reinforcement, and the peel ply.  Ready to go!
4. BID tape 6/19/04 10.80 5.25 Taped the front seat back, IP and F22 to the fuselage sides.   Still need to do the F22 reinforcement.  I ran out of BID, so I may be done for a while until I can order more materials.
5.       1 Installed the F22 reinforcement.
6.       1 Did some trimming of the LG bulkheads so they'd fit in position, and generally got stuff ready to install them in place.
7. Aft LG bulkhead 6/22/04   4 Installed the aft LG bulkhead with flox and bid tape.   Cut out the 4 8-in squares to use as the guide for the 1/4" holes.  I had a problem with F28, it was .5" short.  Following Nat's (and others') advice, I cut it in half and installed a .5" foam extension, and then glassed over it.
8. Fore LG bulkhead 6/23/04   3 Installed the fore LG bulkhead (bottom part) and F28.
9. Fore LG bulkhead 6/24/04   1 Drilled the .25" holes through the fore/aft LG bulkhead hardpoints.  Installed top part of the fore LG bulkhead with flox.
10. Fore LG bulkhead 6/26/04   1 Installed the 3-ply UND and 2-ply BID tape to the fore LG bulkhead.  We also turned the fuselage upside-down and put it up on the saw horses.
11. Fore LG bulkhead 6/27/04   2 Installed the 6-ply UND and 2-ply BID tape to the aft side of the fore LG bulkhead.
12. Firewall 7/1/04   1 Cut out the holes to position the lower part of the permanent firewall.
13. Firewall 7/2/04   1 Floxed the lower part of the permanent FW in position.
14. Center Keel 10/1/04 692.05 3 Traced out pieces on .25" low-density foam, cut out BID and UNI, ready for glassing.  The expense here is for Chapter 06 AND 07 materials, and re-stocking supplies (epoxy, gloves, cups, yadda yadda).
15. Center Keel 10/2/04   2 Glassed center keel pieces, and cut them out.
16. Center Keel 10/4/04   1 Cut out the .25" birch plywood triangles.  It turns out that Wicks failed to include the small sheet of aluminum for the valve bracket.   I called them, and they're sending me the bracket, but now I'm just waiting for it to get here.
17. Center Keel 10/24/04   .5 Cut out the fuel valve bracket from the aluminum.
18. Center Keel 10/25/04   1 I put it off as long as was practical, but I finally had to get myself a drill press. Drilled the holes in the fuel valve bracket, and bent it to a 3/16" radius. Also spent some time assembling the keel.
19. Center Keel 10/26/04   1.5 Floxed the spacers in the keel, put the two triangle sides together, and floxed the heater conduit together.
20. Center Keel 10/27/04   5 Cut out the seatbelt rod and fitted it to the duct, and cut out the beveled fuel hole. Expanded the slot in the front seat back to allow the duct to fit. Added the 7-plies of UNI over the duct, 2 plies of BID over the duct and one side of the keel. Trimmed.
21. Fuse bottom spacers 11/26/04   4 Cut out the fuselage bottom, drew guide lines from inside the fuselage, and made the jig.  Cut out templates for the spacers, and used this to cut out the spacers from .75" foam.  The 2'x4' sheet of foam for this purpose isn't enough, but I had enough (barely) from scraps to make all the spacers.  Micro'd them in place.
22. Fuse bottom 11/27/04   1 Cut out the glass cloth for tomorrow's glassing.  2 plies BID overall, 1 additional ply aft.
23. Fuse bottom 11/28/04   6 Glassed the fuselage bottom, covered with peel ply, and left it to cure.
24. Fuse bottom 11/29/04     Trimmed glass on bottom, floxed bottom to fuselage and weighted down for cure.  Cut out BID tape for next step.  Damn, I'm short on BID!  I could scrape together scraps, but then the joints would be a patchwork, and since we're talking about the joints between the fuselage sides and bottom, well, something tells me I'd rather have this done RIGHT and WELL, rather than piecemeal.   First not enough foam for the spacers and now not enough BID for the tape?! 
25. Fuse bottom 11/30/04   2 Started taping fuselage bottom to sides.
26. Fuse bottom 12/4/05 46.73 6 Finished taping fuselage bottom to sides.  The expense here is for some 2" and 3" BID tape from Wicks, as well as some additional flox.
n. Totals   804.47 61.5  

Chapter total: Time: 61.5, Cost $804.47

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