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Cozy Mark IV : Time and Expenses

Chapter 8: Headrest, Heat Duct, Seat Belts & Step

In this chapter you will construct the shoulder support, headrests, and aft heat duct, installing hard points for installation of seat belts and shoulder straps.


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Chapter 8

# Item Date Cost Time (hrs) Comment
1.     $681.38   Chapter 8 materials order from Aircraft Spruce.
2. Headrests and support 2/12/05   2 Traced out the headrests on the PVC, micro'd and glassed.  Cut out the support and made a trial-fit.  I can't check it against the fuselage yet, because it's still drying, so we'll pick this up again tomorrow.  Cut out the birch plywood inserts.
3. Headrests & support 2/13/05   3.5 Cut out and 5ME'd together the headrest pieces.  Trial-fit the shoulder support in the fuselage, did a little trimming, and then 5ME'd those two pieces together.  Installed the birch plywood inserts.
4. Shoulder support 2/19/05   4 Cut out cloth for the shoulder support.  (BID, 2 plies outside, 1 ply inside, and 3 5"x5" squares to cover the inserts.)   Fashioned 3 jigs from foam for the support, micro'd the inside, and laid the 1 ply BID inside.  Left it to dry.  While it was drying, I made the nutplates to go under the inserts.  Cut some 1/16" aluminum to 1-1/4" x 1-3/4" (4 pieces), aligned it over the inserts to mark the center, and cut a 1/4" hole through each one.  With the 1/4" bolt attached to the anchor nut through the hold, I drilled 3/32" holes for the rivets, and then attached the rivets.  After a short break, it looked like the inside glass on the support was dry enough, so I installed it on the seatback, wet out and peel ply'd the overlap.
5. Shoulder support 2/20/05   4 Trimmed the overlap from yesterday.  Wet out and cut the 12-ply 1-1/4" squares of BID, installed over the birch plywood inserts.  Micro'd the shoulder support, and applied the 2-ply BID overall.  Cut out the pieces for the heat duct and glassed the insides.
6. Heat duct 2/21/05   4 Assembled the heat duct with 5ME (+ flox), added the 7 plies of UNI reinforcement, and put a 2-ply BID overall.  Let dry, trimmed.  Started glassing the headrests (not yet attached), 2 plies BID.  The cloth is all cut, but I only got around to 2 plies on one side today.  I need to replace the brushes on my Dremel, it started to lose power tonight.
7. Heat duct, headrests 2/24/05   1 Trimmed the glass on the headrests, and added 2-ply BID to the other side of one of them.  Cut the hole on the rear duct, and floxed the transition piece in place.  The problem with my Dremel wasn't the brushes; I replaced them and it still doesn't work.  So I came home from work tonight with a new Dremel.  I wonder if some epoxy somehow got up inside there and gummed it up.  Oh well.  On the good news side, the main landing gear strut arrived yesterday from Feather Lite!  Yeah!
8. Heat duct, headrests 2/25/05   1 Floxed and taped the duct in place, finished the glassing of the headrests.
9. Headrests 3/20/05   .25 Trimmed the glass around the head rests.  This chapter is now complete, except for some small things that get put off until later, such as the step and the seat belts.
10. Reinforcing layups 7/3/05   3 Cut out BID/UNI (4/3 x 2) for the reinforcing layups over the front & rear ducts, wet them out and installed them.  NOW this chapter is complete (except the step & seat belts).

Chapter total: Time 22.75, Cost $681.38

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