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Cozy Mark IV : Chapter 12

Canard Installation

In this chapter you will fit the canard to the fuselage, aligning it so that it is level, perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the fuselage in plan view, and with the airfoil at the correct angle of incidence.

Pictures and commentary will go here as the work progresses.  See also time and expenses related to this chapter.

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Step 1. Fitting alignment pins  
Step 2. Aligning the canard  

Five plies BID drying over the top attach tabs, which were made from .25" birch.


The whole thing drying in place.

Step 3. Fitting elevator and torque tube to fuselage  

I cut a wood template to get the right shape for the inboard sides of the elevators, traced a line on the elevator and then cut it with a hacksaw.  Filed it down smooth and straight.


A profile shot of the depression in the fuselage side for the torque tube offsets.


1 ply BID drying in place over the top of the fuselage sides and longeron / doubler.


The alignment pins are installed with flox and drying.  Box tape is protecting the alignment tabs and the front of F-28 from seeping flox.

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