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Cozy Mark IV : Time and Expenses

This page will detail the time and money spent building my airplane; this is basically my builder's log.

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Chapter 3

# Item Date Cost Time (hrs) Comment
1. Insulation 8/19/03 $46.96 4 Install fiberglass insulation in garage workshop.
2. Reading chapter 8/20/03   1 About 1/2 through, and I can tell I'll need to spend LOTS more time studying!
3. Update plans 8/22/03   3 Updated the plans with changes from newsletters 73 and higher.
4. More garage work 8/23,4 399.88 17 Hung drywall in the garage, built the 1st 1/2 of my jig table.   Finished a careful read of Chapter 3.
5. Finish jig table 8/25   4 Built 2nd half of the jig table, and put them together.  I now have 2 6x4 tables on rolling casters, that can lock together to make a single 12x4 table.
6. More garage work 8/27 205.66 3 Installed fluorescent lights, a clock and thermometer, and did some tidying up.
7. Hot box 8/29   1 Built a hot box to keep the epoxy resin and hardener in.
8. Garage 8/30-9/1 101.64 30 Finished mudding and taping the drywall, put up primer and white paint.  Put up some pegboard. Actually, my wife did most of the work mudding, taping and painting, roughly 17 of these hours.  Ordered supplies and Chapter 4 from Wicks!
9. Work area 9/2 130.20 5 Built a 2nd work table, and generally organized the work area (hung tools on the pegboard, yadda yadda).  A while back I bought some West System epoxy hand pumps, expecting to cut the tube length down to get the correct ratio.  A quick check with water suggests that the volume is correct.  When the epoxy gets here I'll use a digital scale to check the weight ratio of resin to hardener.  I'm planning on using MGS 335 epoxy.  The expense today was for materials for the 2nd table, a digital scale ($30 at office depot), peg board pegs, MEK, and other oddments.
10. Templates, etc. 9/4/03 45.29   Went to Kinko's and discovered they have a large format copier that can also reverse images.  I used this to copy and reverse the 8 bulkhead templates from chapter 4, for a cost of $1.50/page.  I also bought some plastic to protect my bench from epoxy, proper grit sandpaper, and a few other tiny items.
11. Practice piece 9/8/03   2 Made the 10x16 practice lay-up.  Will weigh it tomorrow.   The plans said this should take me 30 minutes, but it took 2 hours.  But I also spent time fitting my West System epoxy hand pumps to the MGS epoxy containers, putting away all the materials that arrived today, that kind of thing.  It should go faster in the future (I can only hope!).

Chapter total: Time = 70, Cost = $929.63

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