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Cozy Mark IV : Time and Expenses

This page will detail the time and money spent building my airplane; this is basically my builder's log. 

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Chapter 4

# Item Date Cost Time (hrs) Comment
1. Chapter 4 materials 9/8/03 769.98   This is the shipment from Wicks of the chapter 4 materials, plus other supplies I'll need.  These include things like rubber squeegees, paint brushes, gloves, epoxy hardener and resin, etc.
2. Front seat bulkhead 9/8/03   1 Cut the foam for the front seat bulkhead, tapered the edge, and epoxied the foam pieces together.   I toyed with the idea of using my miter saw to cut the angle, but ended up doing it by hand with a hand-held saw blade.   Pretty good, not perfect.  (This is homebuilding, I guess.)
3. F22, F28 9/9/03   11 Glassed the fore side of the front seat bulkhead.  Cut out the F22, F22 doubler, and F28 bulkheads from the templates.  I had a hard time understanding the instructions about the F22 doubler.   If it hadn't been for the pictures at Rick Maddy's website, I would have been completely lost.  Did the glassing of F22 (including the doubler) and F28.
4. IP 9/10   5 Cut and glassed the instrument panel.  The top corners don't look the same as pictures I've seen on other people's websites, but I know I cut along the template lines.  Hmm.  Trimmed the glass on the front seat bulkhead.
5. F22, F28, front seat, landing gear bulkheads 9/11   16 Woke up to a cold Colorado morning!  The garage was 60 deg F, so I headed out to Lowe's and bought myself a space heater.  I also got a jig saw that can cut at 45 deg angles, to help with the front seatback.

Today I finished glassing F22 and F28, boy was that a lot of work!  I also did the cuts on the side of the front seat, did the flox corners and finished the glassing.   For the landing gear bulkheads, I did the 22-ply hard point.  It was the end of a long day when I finally went to bed around 1am.
6. IP, Landing gear bulkheads 9/12   6 The temp in the garage this morning was 70 deg F, so the heater is doing its job!  The forecast calls for snow in the next couple of days, so we'll really put it to the test.  I trimmed the glass off F22 and F28.  I was able to trim through the thick glass on F22 with an exacto-knife.  It wasn't easy, but the cut came out nicely.

Also glassed the 2nd side of the IP.  I realized I forgot to cut out the heater holes, so I cut these with a jig saw before glassing the 2nd side.  I also cut out the templates for the landing gear bulkheads, traced them on the foam, and cut out the shapes. 
7. IP and hardpoints 9/13   1 Trimmed the glass around the 2nd side of the IP, and cut out the landing gear bulkhead hardpoints.
8. Landing gear bulkheads 9/17   4 Glassed the fore sides of the landing gear bulkheads.  I ran out of BID!  I still have to glass the aft faces, and the firewall.  I have been careful about not wasting it, and saving all my scraps.  Totally bummed, this means I can't finish this chapter until I order the next batch of supplies.
9. Firewall 9/18   5 Cut out the temporary firewall.  I also did some additional weatherproofing in the garage, as the cold season approaches in Colorado.
10. Firewall 9/19   4 Cut out the permanent firewall from the spruce.  I'm not sure how I'm going to cut the aluminum block into 1" squares (I don't have a band saw, and I don't want to go buy one if I can help it).  I also built a cabinet to keep the glass cloth in.  We sold a freezer we had been keeping in our garage, and this cleared the space for the cabinet.
11. IP, firewall 9/20   2 Cut out the stiffeners, 5-minute epoxied the pieces together, and cut out the BID from scraps.  I also used the jig saw to cut the 1" holes for the engine mounts in the firewall.  I practiced on a scrap piece of spruce first, and I'm sure glad I did!
12. Firewall 9/21   1 I bought a vice grip, and used it to hold the aluminum block in place while I cut it with a jig saw.  I got very nice 1" squares from this, which I then installed in the firewall.
13. IP 9/22   1 Glassed the horizontal IP stiffeners.
14. IP 9/23   .5 Glassed the vertical IP stiffeners.
15. IP 9/25   .5 Cut out the UNI for glassing the remaining bulkheads (still waiting for more BID to arrive, should be here tomorrow).  Ground a flat edge on the blind screws; set out all the pieces that still need to be glassed (landing gear bulkheads, firewall).  Sanded down the IP stiffeners.
16. Landing gear bulkheads, firewall 9/26   4 The BID is here!  I cut out the BID sections for the remaining bulkheads, and set right to glassing.  I finished the back sides of the landing gear bulkheads, both sides of the firewall, and installed the blind screws.   Left everything overnight to finish drying. 
17. Firewall 9/27   .25 Knife trimmed the firewall pieces that were glassed last night.

Chapter total: Time = 62.26, Cost = $768.98

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