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Chapter 11: Elevator Construction

In this chapter you will manufacture and mount the elevators on the canard.

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Chapter 11

# Desc Date Cost Time (hours) Details
1. Brock parts 7/29/05 579.52   NC-3/7/8L, CS-10/11, MKZNC-12A, NCTT-R.
2. Chapter kit   40.40   Order from Spruce.
3. Cutting cores 4/30/06   6 Cut elevator templates, started cutting cores.  As Amy and Alec were helping me, my controllable power supply erupted into flames!  I disconnected the power and blew out the flames, but the thing was toast.  Went to Lowe's and bought two 12V batteries, and made the el cheapo version in the plans.  Finished cutting the cores.  Trimmed 3" off the outboard ends of the torque tubes.  Filed torque tube openings for the NC2 inserts (they didn't fit as cut).  Inserted the NC2s and drilled #30 holes.  Removed the NC2s and sanded the drill holes.  I'll have to get some Vaseline and other supplies tomorrow before I can continue.  In the meantime I cut the UND cloth for the elevator skin layups.  Long day!
4. Torque tubes 5/1/06   1 Carefully applied vaseline to the NC-2 hinge pin holes.  Installed NC-2s into torque tubes using the Cherry pop-rivets.  Sealed edges of NC-2s with cyanoacrylate gel.  Filed notched in torque tubes and sanded the tubes with 220-grit paper.
5. Torque tubes 5/2/06   .75 Checked fit of tubes to elevators, sanded foam to fit.  Mounted hinge jigs NC-7 to torque tubes using hinge pins.  Micro'd elevator cores to torque tubes.
6. Bottom skin 5/3/06   2 Sanded LE of foam over the torque tubes for a good transition.  5ME'd the elevators to the table, applied a thin coat of micro, and glassed the bottom.  I laid the cloth out on the table so I could squeegee the cloth very dry.  When the cloth was partly cured and stiff I knife-trimmed along the LE.  Good, straight cut along LE.
7. Top skin 5/4/06   2 With a cutting disk on my Dremel I cut the LE to match the template.  Removed the elevator from the table; very little damage to the top from the 5ME.  Sanded LE, bondo'd elevator to the table, and laid up the top skin the same way as the bottom.
8. Elevator attach 5/6/06   12 Trimmed BID on outboard ends of elevators.  Installed NC-6 with rivets.  Drilled #10 holes for NC-6.  Cut spool, mounted NC12A's, checked measurement.  Drilled #30, #12 through NC-12A and spool, and fixed with bolts.  Trimmed inboard side of the elevators to the torque tube.  Assembled elevator on spool, lining up the hinge pin holes.  Drilled #30, #12 holes through NC-12A and torque tubes.  Made 4 L jigs from 1/4" plywood, and sanded to make them exactly the same.  Bondo'd canard to table, attached L jigs.  Installed elevator in L jigs.  Verified .2" clearance between canard and elevator.  Drilled out channels for the hinges in the canard, filled with flox and touched up.  Whew! 
9. Travel & tip fairings 8/14-8/20   30 Didn't keep great daily logs over this week, so it's all bunched up here.  Checked elevator travel, and it was a little short of the -15 deg nose down.  Removed the elevator and sanded, verified the gap, and re-checked, and it's still only about -12.5.  Since the plans say this acceptable I decided to move on, and perhaps revisit this later.  Made the fairings, shaped and glassed, added the tube for the hinge pins and sanded flush.  Trimmed the hinge pins, shaped the ends and drilled 1/16th hole in the tip.
10. Weights 8/25/06   3 Shaped the spacers out of dense foam, glued in place, and glassed over with 2 plies UND.
11. Weights and bellcrank 8/26/06   7 Now, the plans say to bolt the CS-11 lead weights to the control arms, but they don't say with what!?  I looked around at several builder's site, checked the FAQ, searched the archives, and I can find no mention of what people are doing here.  I take that back; I found ONE builder's site that mentioned using AN3-10 bolts for this.  Why the heck aren't these in the parts list for this chapter?  Obviously these plans aren't written for someone who's buying one chapter at a time and who only has the supplies that are actually called out.  Sheesh.

I'll have to order the AN3-10 bolts, and matching nuts and washers, the next time I order stuff.  In the meantime I bought some suitable bolts at Lowe's, and I'll replace them with the correct ones later.

Drilled holes in the CS-11 lead weights.  Also not specified in the plans.  Oh, yes, on page 11-3 it shows 2 #12 holes in the NC-12 control arms. 

After all the weights were done I did the balance test, and everything checked out.  Cut out holes in the canard for the weights and applied 1 ply BID.  I also cut out the notch in the hinge pins for the set screws. 

Chapter total: Time 63.75, Cost $619.92

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