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Chapter 19: Wings and Ailerons

In this chapter you will build jig templates, cut foam cores, lay up shear webs, spar caps and skins, install attachment reinforcements, build and rig ailerons and install wing-mounted aileron controls.

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Chapter 19

# Desc Date Cost Time (hours) Details
1. Materials 1/19/08 155.00   Jig materials and template copies.
2. Metal parts 1/18/08 437.37   Parts ordered from CG Products
3. Building jigs 1/19/08   3.5 Making jigs.
4. Building jigs 1/27/08   4.0 Finished jigs.
5. Cutting foam cores (L) 2/9/08   4.0 Making hotwire templates
6. Cutting foam cores (L) 2/10/08   7.0 Finished making templates.  Set up jigs on floor of garage.  Testing hotwire setup; need more wire.
7. Spruce order 2/2/08 2,643.32   Parts order from Spruce.
8. Cutting foam cores (L) 2/12/08   3.0 Finishing templates: sanding the edges smooth, adding nail holes, transferring guides to back sides, etc.
9. Cutting foam cores (L) 2/21/08   3.0
  • Sanded jigs to fit TE of wing
  • Final 5 cuts on cores (ailerons, conduits, etc.)
  • Re-attached cutout from FC3
  • Cut wedge off FC1
10. Assembly of cores (L) 2/22/08   3.0
  • Put FC3,2,1 into jigs and micro'd together
  • Made LWA6s (2)
  • Cut bolt access depressions beneath spar cap troughs
  • Notched shear web for LWA6 and 4
  • 2 plies BID in bolt attach depressions.
11. Shear web layup (L) 2/23/08   11.0
  • Trimmed BID from bolt attach depressions
  • Micro'd in LWA4 and LWA6
  • Made W18s and 5ME'd in place
  • Prepped shear web surface (sand, vacuum)
  • Cut UNI
  • Micro'd shear web surface and did the shear web layup
  • Installed LWA2 and LWA3, weighted down with 10# weights
  • Installed FC4 and FC5 with micro, reassembled jig over the completed wing
  • Peel ply in spar cap troughs
12. Tidying up 2/24/08   .5 Cut the 90-deg corner to the shear web joggle.  Detached jigs from floor and moved the whole assembly to my work table.
13. Bottom spar cap (L) 2/25/08   .5
  • Bondo'd wing jig to table
  • Removed bottom pieces of jigs
  • Removed peel ply
  • Installed a string through the 1" conduit to make it easier to snake the wiring in later
14. Bottom spar cap (L) 2/27/08   3.5 Bottom spar cap layup.  Sanded trough, followed layup schedule, had to add a few extra layers  to get good transitions to the bottom of the wing.  Peel ply.
15. Bottom skin (L) 3/2/08   10.0 Bottom skin as per plans.
16. Top spar cap (L) 3/4/08   .5 Turned wing over (with help!), bondo'd the jigs to the table.  Bondo'd dam for spar cap over FC1, added tape along spar troughs.
17. Top spar cap (L) 3/5/08   3.0 Marked measurements along tape for length of spar cap tape, and did the spar cap layup.  10 plies did it.
18. Top skin (L) 3/8/08   5.5 Installed FM antenna, rudder cable conduit.  Removed TE fin.  Peel ply, 1" x 65" over aileron cutout.  Removed TE peel ply, sanded.  Everything's ready for glassing the top tomorrow.
19. Top skin (L) 3/9/08   10.0 Started the day putting dry micro in rudder cable conduit.  I want this to stiffen up a bit to hold the nylaflow in place before I start glassing.  Sanded the foam, vacuumed.  Installed the flox corner over the bolt access depression.  Top skin & peel ply over LE, 3 plies UNI reinforcement over LWA2.  Knife trimmed TE and sides.
20. Top skin (L) 3/10/08   .5 Bondo'd level board to top of left wing.
21. Wing ribs (L) 3/11/08   2.0 Cut out depression in forward wing rib to 0.7".  Installed layups #5 & 6.
22. Bottom spar cap (R) 3/12/08   1.0 Cut all spar tape to length for right wing, to make sure I have enough.  Yup!
23. Cutting foam cores (R) 3/14/08   2.0 Cut all foam blocks to the correct size for cutting out the right wing.
24. Cutting foam cores (R) 3/15/08   9.0 Cut out all foam cores for right wing.  Bonded into 5 pieces, FC1 - FC5.
25. Cutting foam cores (R) 3/16/08   7.5 Internal cutouts in wing pieces.  Set up jigs on floor, micro'd FC1-3 together in jigs.  Cut wing attach depressions and installed 2 plies BID.
26. Shear web (R) 3/17/08   9.0 Knife trimmed depressions, micro'd LWA4s and LWA6 in place.  Made W18 and 5ME'd in place.  Newspaper around wing under shear web.  Cut out all UNI, 12 pieces for shear web.  Radius'd edges, sanded, vacuumed.  Shear web layup.  3 plies BID pad over LWA4s and LWA6.  Peel ply.  Joined FC4 & FC5, installed jigs over the top.
27. Bottom spar cap (R) 3/18/08   3.25 Cut corner piece off FC4.  Moved wing to work table.  Bondo'd to table, installed dam over FC1.  Bottom spar cap layup, all 9 plies + 1.
28. Bottom skin (R) 3/19/08   8.25 Removed peel ply and tape, sanded.  Rounded fore edge of FC1.  Fixed LE of FC5 (bad wire lag caused some damage here, needed to be fixed).  Dry micro, micro, flox.  Peel ply over aileron & TE.  Layup!  BID reinforcement @ wing tip + peel ply.  UNI reinforcements.  Peel ply over reinforcement area.  Knife trimmed TE & LE, added dry micro over TE channel.
29. Top spar cap (R) 3/20/08   5.25 Reinstalled jigs over bottom of wing, which necessitated some sanding of the jigs.  (Eeek).  Bondo'd jigs to wing, flipped wing over, bondo'd to table.  Sanded spar cap channel.  Layup, 11 plies (one short of schedule).
30. Top skin (R) 3/21/08   4.75 Removed TE fin & peel ply, sanded.  Installed rudder cable conduit.  Installed VHF-NAV antenna.  Sanded LE to taper.  Peel ply over aileron cutout.  Sanded & vacuumed wing surface, radiused fore edge of FC1.
31. Top skin (R) 3/22/08   8.00 Dry micro in rudder cable conduit channel and in various gouge holes.  Flox around attachment access & hardpoints.  Completed top skin layups (3 plies UNI, BID reinforcement @ tip, UNI reinforcements, peel ply).
32. Wing ribs (R) 3/28/08 6.25 - Removed foam to a depth of 0.7" on fore rib
- Shaped aft rib
- 2 plies UNI reinforcement over attach points
- 3 plies BID in fore rib
- 3 plies BID in aft rib
- 3 plies UNI over LWA6
- clamped LWA7 in place under LWA6
33. Wing ribs (L) 3/29/08 2.25 - 3 plies BID in aft rib
- 2 plies UNI over LWA6
- clamp LWA7 in place
- one ply BID over LWA7 (right wing)S

Chapter total: Time 141, Cost $3,235.69

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