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My Personal Studio

    In June 2004 a contractor we hired showed up to begin construction of our studio. A couple months later the studio was completed.

    It started off as a two car attached garage which we never could use for cars. It is the largest room in our home, and was the most wasted of space. Used for storage for the longest time, we felt the space could be far more useful if it were finished.

    Although the photos need to be updated, the space is now very nice, warm and inviting. When not used for yoga, the studio gets quite a bit of use by my whole family. The kids love to run around and play in there. It is a well loved room, very special to us now.

    Here are couple of shots taken while the studio was being built. Our vision for what this old two car garage could be was in our heads for a couple of years before were able to finally make the commitment to have it built. And even though the construction took about 3 months, it still never seemed to get done quick enough.

    These two photos show the step up to the studio floor and a view of the entrance from the inside.