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"What style of yoga do you teach?"
        This is perhaps the most common question people ask me. The easiest answer to that question is that it is an eclectic style.

        Now for the more detailed answer. I have been with a number of teachers that teach a variety of styles. I tend to favor those that take a more creative, free flowing attitude in their yoga. This is my style as well. Having been exposed to many of the traditional disciplines such as Iyengar, Ashtanga, Anusara, Vinyasa, Viniyoga and others, I understand many of the benefits each style offers. I use that knowledge to craft a class that is creatively dynamic, fun and safe.

        For me personally I like to listen to the needs of my body, and follow where it wants to take me. That idea is what guides me in a class. Our bodies are uniquely individual and each has its own needs, and is at its own sacred place. The challenge for me as a teacher in any class is understand the needs of my students, and to take them there.

        The term Mixed Level quite rightly defines the structure and form of my classes as they are appropriate for anyone, of any age, and at any level of skill in yoga.

        Of the various forms of yoga I've been exposed to, I would say that Viniyoga is the one I tend to gravitate towards. As a discipline, Viniyoga is very individualized. The word Viniyoga implies differentation, appropriate application and adaptaion. It is uncommon for Viniyoga to be taught in a class since it is so highly personalized. Though I am not a certified Viniyoga teacher, you will see elements of it in my teaching.