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Naturist Kirtan - Morristown, New Jersey

    Its about being open to the true nature, energy and spirit of the whole self.

  August 4th 7pm An Evening of Naturist Kirtan with Robin Renee Register

Past Events

  • November 18th, 2006: Robin Renee
  • February 10th, 2007: Gandharva & Party (see Article)
  • March 24th, 2007: Robin Renee
  • June 16th, 2007: Gandharva & Party

Naturist Kirtan featured in Naturally Magazine

My friend Diane Cesa wrote about our last Naturist Kirtan with Gandharva and Party this past February. The article is in the current issue of Naturally Magazine. Here is an excerpt:

[Gandharva] Sauls and company kicked off the Kirtan with a balancing chant, then a group Om and peace invocation. The chanting lasted for over an hour, with both the music and Sauls getting louder with each chant, eventually building to a heart-pounding crescendo. By the end of the performance, Saul's voice exhibited a guttural wildness, which seemed to be echoed in the enthusiams of the small crowd before him, as they chanted along with [Sarah] Tomlinson.

More History

Our first Naturist Kirtan on November 18th was great. Robin Renee treated us to a lovely performance. My personal favorite was when she stood up and played the guitar for a lively version of "Jai Ma" (see her MySpace page to listen to Jai Ma). We had a good group that slowly but ever more energetically joined in, responding to the enchanting words and feelings that Robin evoked in all of us.

Then on February 10th Gandharva performed here along with Param Joseph Rosolen and Sarah Tomlinson. Gandharva describes his style of chanting as Ecstatic. Reading the liner notes of his Ecstatic Chants CD the definition of Ecstatic is, "completely dominated by intense emotion." Now having seen him in person I can honestly say that Ecstatic is actually an understatement - its more like passionately ecstatic. The energy and emotion Gandharva puts into the chants fills the room (and perhaps the entire neighborhood). You can't help but be dominated by that very intense emotion.

One element of this style of Chanting which I find to be especially important is the idea that each person experiences the energy of the repeated sound in their own personal way. The fact that we chant in Sanskrit makes it more about the sound and feelings than the literal translation of the words and phrases. As you learn the meaning of the chants you find that the experience is even more personal as each of us can interpret them in our own way. And by not wearing any clothing we open ourselves to the honesty and energy that is our true nature.

If you read this version of the Gayatri Mantra you will see that it is largely an interpretation of the feeling of the chant leaving a whole lot of room for you to take away your own personal, spiritual and even religious meaning.

Please join us for our next Naturist Kirtan in March when Robin returns for another wonderful Kirtan!