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   Naturist Yoga - Since 2003 A Whole Mind, Body, Spirit Experience


      Naturism is said to be a lifestyle in harmony with nature. Yoga is a practice that helps one bring their body, mind and spirit together. Combined naturism and yoga can help you to gain a stronger sense of confidence, body acceptance and self-respect.

      For some Naturist Yoga is a natural progression down the yogic path, providing the opportunity to become more self-aware. This awareness further enriches personal self-esteem and the acceptance of others as whole beings.

      To allow people to feel comfortable I create a safe and deeply respectful place to practice. All students are expected to help make this a great yoga class for everyone by following the guidelines for the class.

      While participants may be nude in class, it is clothing optional and you may remain dressed so that you may focus on the yoga practice. There is no pressure to be nude if you are not ready for it.

   About Dan My Yogic Life


      I am a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance and have been practicing yoga since 1999, and have been teaching since the Spring of 2003.

      I have been a Naturist all of my life. When I was little we would frequent nudist camps like Cypress Cove and Sunny Palms (the original). Today my family and I continue to visit nudist camps and have a healthy, open attitude about the body at home.

      Through naturism I have learned many things about myself and others by being allowed to not be ashamed of who i am. I have learned to accept others with a greater understanding of what shapes us and our attitudes in society.

      Yoga has brought me closer to who I am while making me feel better inside and out. My health is better and my life is better.

    To me yoga and naturism belong together.

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   Class Guidelines

Download Waiver/Guidelines

  • This class is clothing optional and nudity is common. Each person is expected to respect the personal space of others. We are here for the yoga and the deeper exploration of self-awareness that this style class provides.
  • No overt sexual behavior. Period. As naturists we follow the same rules for of family oriented social nudism as any nudist or naturist group would. For more information see this FAQ at The Naturist Society's website.
  • No Photography. The class is not the appropriate time for picture taking.
  • Listen to Your Body. If at any time you feel a posture is not appropriate for your body for whatever reason, you are welcome to modify the pose, do a different pose, or assume a resting style stance.
  • No Smoking. This includes the all interior portions of the building as well as the parking area and driveway.
  • No Food or Drink in the studio. The only exception to this rule is bottled water.
  • Turn off Cell Phones. If you need to have it on for emergencies, please make sure it is set to silent to avoid disturbing those around you. Savasana is not quite the same with a ringing phone next to you.

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   What to Bring


  • A Yoga Mat: I do have a couple of extra for those that are just starting out with yoga and have not yet had the time to buy one. Want to buy one? Here are a couple of places you can get them:
  • A Towel: Please bring a towel for sitting and or cleaning your mat. It is natural for many people to sweat during a class, so if at any time your mat needs to be cleaned, please use a towel. It is also a good rule of etiquette to use your own towel to sit on, especially when using any studio provided props.
  • A Signed Waiver: For your first time you will need to print and fill out the Waiver/Guidelines form. This is both for insurance reasons and to help ensure that all participants agree and understand the rules of this special type of class.

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   Cost & Registration


      To sign up for this class, please send email to Dan Speers (dan@speers.nu). Please tell me why you are interested in this type of class and what, if any naturist experience you have had (none is required).

      Space is limited, so even if you have been here before please let me know in advance if you plan to attend.

      Directions will be provided once you have signed up for a class.

    For the Fall 2008 session (10 Classes):

    • $120 For all 10 classes
    • $20/Class - drop in rate, paid in class.

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   Schedule & Directions
Upcoming Classes
  No Classes Scheduled


      For the Fall 2008 sessions, class will be on Thursday nights at 7:30pm. Class runs for about 90 minutes. You can also look for "Naturist Yoga" on the schedule page for exact dates.

      This class is held in my private studio in Morristown, NJ. The space is private and the class is designed to provide the utmost respect for each participant. This is warm, caring place where everyone can feel safe, and right at home.

      Due to the nature and location of the class, directions will be provided once you agree to the guidelines and register for the class.

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      If for any reason the class is canceled a notice will be posted on the Schedule Page and emails will be sent to those that registered by Noon the day of the class. Please be sure to check either of these prior to coming out.

      Also, if you need to cancel please let me know. It helps to know if I can free up a spot for someone else that may be waiting if the room is full.

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